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Moha ‘Jicho Pevu’ threatens to expose corrupt MPs in new documentary

Investigative-journalist-turned-politician Mohammed Ali says he will soon expose the high level of corruption which he has witnessed firsthand in his first year as a legislator.

Ali made his attentions public on Sunday after confiding in activist Boniface Mwangi, who shared a lengthy post on Facebook, detailing their long discussion.

However, Ali claims Kenyan media houses are unwilling to screen his explosive documentary.

According to the activist, the MP called and asked him to make time for a meeting. It is during that meeting, which Mwangi claims lasted five hours, that Ali shared his frustrations with a legislature taken hostage by mega-corruption.

In Mwangi’s words, Ali also complained about how much isolated he feels in Parliament since most of his colleagues are either compromised or simply unwilling to speak about corruption in the August House.

“Mohamed Ali depressed me. We don’t have a Parliament, but an auction house. Moha wants to talk. He has done his first Jicho Pevu exposé since he was elected; it’s called Dunia Gunia,” Mwangi wrote.


“What Moha desperately wants is allies to work with and expose the rot within Parliament and in the Government. He said Kenyans deserve to know the truth, but he can’t fight alone,” continued the fiery activist, who ran for but lost the Starehe Parliamentary seat in the 2017 General Election.

Ali is pointing an accusing finger at his former colleagues in the Fourth Estate for similarly being corrupted. He narrated to the activist how parliamentary journalists take bribes to write certain stories.

In the same breathe, Ali sought to shed light on his new-found alliance with Deputy President William Ruto, who at one time he had no good words for.

According to Mwangi, Ali said his closeness and association with the DP came about because he wanted development for the people of Nyali Constituency which he represents in Parliament.

Give his track record as a fearless investigative journalist, Kenyans can only wait and see if Ali will indeed make good his threats to expose his corrupt colleagues in Parliament.