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MP George Theuri plays perfect daddy role by taking up daylong nanny duties

What a man can do, a woman can do better. So goes the saying. Well, it appears Embakasi West Member of Parliament George Theuri is out to prove otherwise.

This after Theuri was left to do nanny duties with a whole day of baby sitting his youngest child, a task he admits was very challenging.

Pictures shared on social media, show the legislator carrying the child on his back using a lesso.

The lesso is tied precariously on the child making his head and arms dangle dangerously out of the protective cove made from the lesso.

Oblivious of all the “trouble” he is causing his father, the baby appears to be sound asleep.

“Enyewe respect to all mums out there nimewachiwa mtoi enyewe sio job rahisi kushinda na mtoi kajamaa hauwezi kaelewa banaaaaaa. Nimeimba wimbo zote zimeisha sasa sijui nijaribu nini?” Theuri wrote.


The pictures of father and child left Kenyans online in stitches.

“Hahahaha… Bro.. If wewe huwezana na constituents wa embakasi west… Weeee jua hata hapa utatoboa. May God grant him health, growth and may your family always be protected under his wings,” wrote Juliana Olayo.

“Try song ya baby Shark… hio maybe itakaweza,” commented Isaac Nick Tuti.

“Imba wabebe skilo,” said Bob Norman.

“Patikana Kuwa mom is no easy Mhesh…. Congratulations though,” stated Favoured Priscillah Kathekia.

“Pambana na hiyo hali ndo ukienda Parliament upeleke mswaada wakuongezea house girl salary they over work in our house mshahara kidogo,” said Humphrey Hamu.

The flamboyant MP announced in December last year that he and his wife Cynthia Gitonga are expecting their third child. The couple already have two sons together.