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Mr Seed reveals the true meaning behind his ‘date’ tattoo

Popular singer Mr Seed, also known as Moses Omondi, has in a recent post revealed the meaning behind his forearm date tattoo.

The singer, via his Instagram stories that show the tattoo reminisced about surviving a harrowing car accident in 2023, marking the anniversary of the life-altering event.

Reflecting on the pivotal moment, Mr Seed took to his Instagram stories to share how the accident served as a catalyst for him to push even harder in his musical endeavours.

He credited his wife, Nimo Gachuiri, for her unwavering support during his recovery, highlighting the crucial role she played during this challenging period.

The gravity of the experience prompted Mr. Seed to immortalize the date, April 29, 2023, with a tattoo on his left hand as a constant reminder of his journey to survival.

“Exactly 1 year today. Am living testimony,” he shared, encapsulating the profound impact of the accident on his life.

In a series of images, Mr Seed offered glimpses into the aftermath of the crash, including being transported by ambulance to a medical facility and a photo of the mangled vehicle that had flipped three times. Despite facing imminent danger, he expressed gratitude for divine intervention, acknowledging that he believed his time had come, but fate had other plans.

Tragically, amidst the chaos, one of Mr Seed’s crew members, photographer Ambrose Khan, lost his life, serving as a sobering reminder of the fragility of life.

In a candid interview with SPM Buzz, the “Kumbe Kumbe” artist opened up about the physical and mental toll the accident had taken. He revealed suffering from brain shrinkage as a result of hitting his head during the impact, necessitating ongoing therapy to address his mental health struggles.

Recounting moments of dissociation, Mr Seed described how he would often find himself lost in thought, unaware of his surroundings for extended periods, only to snap back to reality moments later. His candidness shed light on the lingering effects of such traumatic events, emphasizing the importance of seeking professional help to cope with their aftermath.

Offering further insight, Mr Seed’s wife, Nimo, revealed that the couple was en route to inspect land in Nanyuki when tragedy struck. Nimo shared at the time that she couldn’t believe Mr Seed was alive as the ordeal left her scared after experiencing everything firsthand. Nimo continued sharing the experience via her Instagram stories, expressing her confusion about whether to feel happy or not, as some of her close associates lost their lives in the accident.

“I don’t know whether to be happy that some friends survived because I can’t stop crying. Others lost their lives too. Everything is blurry… I just remember running and seeing them on the ground and begging him to wake up,” Nimo said.

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