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Nairobi county launches crackdown on city’s rate defaulters

November 23rd, 2018 2 min read

City Hall has launched a massive crackdown on rate defaulters who owe the county arrears amounting to Sh15 billion.

The operation netted over Sh7.8 million as several properties that have defaulted on rates were clamped down.

The county government officers from the Finance department conducted a swoop on eight properties with arrears in different parts of the county.

Among the areas covered during the crackdown on Thursday included the Central Business District, Kilimani area, Thika road, Ngara area and Parklands area.

At the same time, Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has issued a directive stating that there shall be no waivers for the rates and license defaulters citing section (19) of the County Government Rating Act which gives the county government authority to place a charge on a property which has not paid rates.


“Let me make it very clear that there shall be no waivers and we shall stick to our notice. The County does not intend to give waivers this year, so the defaulters should pay their rates,” said Governor Sonko.

This is the second clampdown by the county government with the first one in August netting Sh300 million.

The August exercise, which was carried out by officials from the county’s revenue department, targeted several properties located within the Central Business District (CBD) which at the time owed the county rate arrears amounting to Sh12 billion.

Different establishments including Princely House Limited, Wines and Spirits (K) limited, Chester House and North Eastern Investment, which is on Kenyatta Avenue and opposite Ebrahims Supermarket, were clamped by the City Hall officials.


Meanwhile, North Eastern Investment owes the county rate arrears to the tune of Sh6.8 million, Princely House Limited follows with Sh954,478, and Wines and Spirits (K) limited Sh758, 259.

The clampdown exercise is premised under then Rating Act 18 (1) which gives the county authority to serve a person paying rent in respect of the property to pay rent to the county.

Property owners have until March 31 every year to clear any rate arrears owed to the county.

A more comprehensive operation targeting other revenue streams like markets, county rental houses and stalls, car parks and outdoor advertisements will soon be carried out.