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Why some Nairobi women prefer their husbands coming home late

A section of Nairobi women have confirmed that they prefer their men returning home after 10pm due to various reasons.

The women, who opened up in the Facebook group Kilimani First Wives, wrote that a man who comes home before 9pm is a turn off.

A few however said they prefer the early man so that he can spend some quality time with the children before they go to bed.

The city women gave various reasons as to why men who come home late are a turn on, with some citing need for space to follow their favourite TV programmes.

Others reasoned that a man has to meet friends to get business ideas and strike deals.


“Me napenda mwanaume anaungana na wanaume wenzake… Si kuja mapema kusumbua starehe zangu. Mwanaume ni kukaa na wanaume wenzake they broaden each other’s minds,” wrote one wife.

“Earlier the better ….if he can sneak out of the office mapema the better…the kids really appreciate his presence…I too like being near him…nimchokoze akiwa hapo na story mingi,” another stated.

“We always leave together in the morning and come back together by 6pm …not a rule but that is how it has always been…he doesnt hang out or take alcohol ataenda wapi unless ni important alot he does within the compound,” wrote another wife.

“Ile siku wangu ataingia before 9, first nitamgusa temperature if he is unwell,” another commented.

“Wangu afike 10 kaa nimemaliza job imebaki ya bedroom coz akiwa ata vyombo siezi osha,” added another wife.

“Akae huko na ikiwezekana akunywe mbili baridi aingie kwa nyumba akinuka mwanaume, sio mwenye anakuja mapema akiwa sober ananotice tumakosa kwa nyumba,” wrote another.

“Mapema seven latest saa zile anacome ten ama nine daily atakuja kula peke yake ama? I believe dinner time watu wanafaa kula as a family most of the times. Na kaa anatoka job five anaweza kuwa anaendaga wapi nkt?” wondered another wife.