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Nameless blinks, calls truce with Octopizzo over Wahu jibe

By HILARY KIMUYU February 2nd, 2016 1 min read

Two Kenyan music giants have finally called a truce after exchanging unpleasant words on social media.

Rapper Octopizzo had over the weekend rejected an award and suggested that it should instead be given to Wahu

An angry Nameless lashed back on Monday to defend his wife with a post on Instagram.

“Haiya…@wahukagwi ebu check this guy out. He says he is too big to receive this award! He even recommended that it be given to you,” wrote Nameless.

On Tuesday, Octopizzo said Nameless and Kiss radio had reached out to him over the row.

The two artistes promised to work together to better the music industry in Kenya.

Octopizzo tweeted; “Thanks to Kiss Radio & Nameless for Calling me and clearing up the misunderstanding. Now let’s change the face of the awards in this Country together for the Love of our Art.”

Octopizzo said he was still a fan had been since he was in class eight and had nothing but respect for Namesless and Wahu.

“I respect Nameless & Wahu, been a fan since class 8 & still a fan & will vote for Wahu any day & not only her but all the female artists out there, I’ll always fight for you Queens Beli’Dat!”

Nameless on the other hand wrote; “Its clear our passion for family and our music led to this misunderstanding with Octo. We had a conversation on kiss and cleared things up.”

The father of two also said that he understood and thanked Octopizzo for understanding his reaction and frustration.

He also added; “But we going to make this industry better one step at a time. Bingwa, we appreciate your efforts in recognising artists and their work. And to our fans we appreciate your loyalty and votes. @Octopizzo, still a fan, still a friend.”