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Nameless, Ssaru, Nadia Mukami reveal performance prep ahead of BoomFest 2024

Renowned musician David Mathenge, famously known as Nameless, offered a glimpse into his pre-performance rituals.

Speaking during a press conference and brand meetup for the unveiling of BoomFest 2024 on Thursday, March 14, 2024, at Nairobi Street Kitchen, Nameless said his priority is in delivering top-notch performances regardless of the crowd size.

“I have learned to always give the best to all my fans despite the numbers. When I get on stage whether 10 people or more, I don’t bring my issues on stage. My fans come first. They are my employers,” he said.

Nameless acknowledged the rejuvenating effect of performing alongside young artists, highlighting the potential for collaborative projects, including a hinted collaboration with artist Boutross Munene.

“Their manager recently came and so there are some works being done underground and we will be working on a project,” Nameless teased.

Joining the lineup of performers at BoomFest, rapper Ssaru echoed Nameless’ sentiment, emphasizing the importance of generating excitement and delivering unmatched energy during live performances.

“We have to create hype when performing. That is why I am always extra when performing. They should come for the festival and experience my performance,” Ssaru said.

Femi One asserted her status as one of Africa’s most consistent artists, attributing her success to her unwavering focus and determination.

“I am one of the most consistent artiste in Africa. I don’t listen to haters so much. Otherwise, I would not be at this far.”

Meanwhile, Nadia, reflecting on her professional relationship with her partner Arrow Bwoy, shed light on coordinating joint performances, including song selection and individual set preparations.

“If we have the same show, Arrow Bwoy and I have to prep for songs that we have to sing together. We also prep on individual performances. We sometimes argue about who will curtain raise for the other,” Nadia said.