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Newly married Prophet Lovy Logomba explains how God ‘ruined’ his marriage

Secular artiste-turned-preacher Prophet Lovy Logomba, who tied the knot in Prophetess Maggy Soas in enchanting outdoor wedding in California on May 20, 2023, has revisited his first marriage that ended in a divorce.

Lovy’s first wife, Idah Onyango, is the daughter of Kenyan Hollywood actor Benjamin Onyango. The couple, who share a son, stayed together for a while in the US before they divorced in 2017. No clear explanation was publicized for the divorce.

Now, Prophet Lovy has for the first time publicly spoken about his troubled first marriage during a sermon on why pastors get divorced.

“Do you know why pastors fail in marriage? Men of God whose marriages die? I’m one of those people who went through that. I got divorced. I’ll tell you why it happens. God has never told a man or a woman ‘go to your wife, go to your husband, you’re spending too much time with me’… because God also lusts after you. He wants you for himself,” Lovy told his congregation.

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“When He (God) gave you a wife or a husband, he gave you a help mate but He stays number one. So when you start getting intimate with Him, he doesn’t want you to leave Him. He won’t tell you to go and fix your relationship. It will by you to give Him boundaries. If you don’t give Him boundaries, He will ruin your marriage,” Prophet Lovy explained.

He cited the example of Moses in the Bible who spent 40 days and nights on the mountain receiving instructions from God, and probably forgot that he had left a wife at home.

“And then he comes down from the mountain, full of power and anointing and he has a veil on. Do you think he is going to lay with his wife? Moses had his son before he started going up the mountain. After that we don’t know if he had any other children. So you can tell that the intimacy was no longer there. Paul meets God and he says ‘I don’t want to get married anymore’ because you have to remember, the original intention of kids was to continue what you started,” Prophet Lovy preached.

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“The desire for sex, God put it in us so that we can procreate, we can enjoy the process. It is not the center of marriage but it is important in a marriage because once you get married, you realize that there are other things that are encompassing it and if that was the only thing you went into it for, then you will die,” he went on.

He then led his congregation to imagine if they were married to Jesus, a man who travelled cities doing God’s work, spending all night praying and then as His spouse, becoming bitter about this.

“God does not people to enter this place if you are not mature because it can destroy you. That’s why Paul started saying ‘before you fast, go talk to your spouse so that you don’t deny them their rights.’ Paul is giving this advice but there is no scripture that says that. He’s giving you a tip because you are also in covenant with somebody and you need to clear it up with them before you do that.

“Notice, God will be willing for you to violate that vow and He won’t say you sinned. That’s why men and women of God divorce. You go through divorce and you wonder ‘how did I get here? There are things I am sure I neglected big time because the closer I got to God – even my view of life, of everything changed. You die… meaning everything to do with you loses meaning,” Prophet Lovy said.

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