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Nigerians on Twitter teach KOT how to deal with petty thieves

Kenyans on Twitter over the weekend applauded their Nigerian counterparts after a tweep posted a picture showing how they had dealt with a petty thief in the west African country.

The post shared by @Manlike_ED captured a man knee deep in sewer water with a shovel in hand.

According to @Manlike_ED the man in the pictures had been ordered by residents to clean up gutters as punishment.

This was deemed a better punishment that setting him ablaze with a tyre around his neck.

“Instead of setting him ablaze with a tyre around his neck, residents gave this petty thief a shovel to clean up gutters as his punishment stealing. They even bought him pure water o, lol. See community service,” tweeted @Manlike_ED.

Kenyans on Twitter quickly joined the conversation.

“This is much more acceptable than jungle justice,” said @AdelMarcus.

“Yeah. I wish most of our communities behaved more in this manner towards petty thieves,” wrote @Weatherman.

“Anyone that brought this idea deserves some accolade. We must not take unnecessary decision into our hands,” commented @osynachi.

“Highly commendable however he should be handed over to police for further investigation and punishment,” stated @EthelMoses.

“Better than jungle Justice but this should continue for a week, he should have a bed space in police cell and do community service by day,” added @emmanuelAtoshi.