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No one likes an arrogant winner, Consul General Big Ted advises

By Winnie Mabel November 2nd, 2022 2 min read

The Kenyan Consul General to the United States of America, Thomas Kwaka- popularly known as Big Ted, took to social media on November 1, 2022, with a long post advising his followers on the importance of helping people who are down to win instead of just passing them by to go on and personally win.

“Kenyan runner Simon Cheprot was about to cross the finish line in the Okpekpe International 10-kilometer road race in Nigeria when he noticed a fellow runner, Kenneth Kipkemoi, collapse.

He stopped, lifted Kipkemoi up and carried him across the finish line. He lost the gold medal and probably a chance to smile for the cameras at the press conference, maybe a big sponsor endorsement bonus given to the winners or record breakers only. He may have lost the medal but he won the integrity race.

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Rapper King Kaka (left) with Big Ted at the album launch. PHOTO | FRANCIS KARIUKI

I realized that you win many times in life, even when you lose. I can imagine that this race had a medal table and all those people boldly passed the struggling pair.

I do not entirely blame them because life happens to us all. Maybe they had trained hard for this race, maybe their next move in life entirely depended on them crossing the finish line, maybe they just had never been on the winners table and they desperately wanted to win, maybe just maybe – but despite their ” honest” selfish reasons, history and the books; and the universe will be about Simon.

See, no one likes an “arrogant” winner. It takes humility to give up your crown for grace – only winners know loss and realize how it feels not to succeed.

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Since you have lost, you now know how the other person feels. This helps make you a better person, one with compassion and empathy.

When once again (you find yourself) in the winner’s circle, this compassion will help keep your inflated ego at bay. Simon was awarded $15,000 (Sh 1.8 million) after giving up his chances of winning the race.

I am re-learning in my winning season that god still expects me to give up my moments of glory and pride to raise up those struggling, even if I do not like them, He does. Even if I do not think they deserve to win, He does.

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Winning is a mindset. Winners know how to win so they do not get jagged by not winning. Instead of racing by a struggling soul today, aim to help them to their finish line. Help someone else win by crossing the finish line – you love them until they learn to love themselves.

The biggest test of life is learning to help someone knowing well that your ego shall not benefit,” advised Big Ted.

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