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NTV host discharged from High Dependency Unit

Local TV host Janet Ikua Kanini is finally out of the hospital after weeks of treatment and battling a life-threatening heart condition.

The N-Soko Property Show television host was admitted to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) on June 15th after doctors discovered that she had a blood clot in her heart.  The clot which was initially in her leg had either travelled up to her heart or a new one had formed.

On her Facebook page, the TV host says that the leg clot, medically known as (DVT) Deep Vein Thrombosis, had disappeared after two months of treatment but the doctor was still concerned about her breathlessness and racing heart after minimal physical activity.

On the June 18, doctors confirmed that Kanini had a pulmonary embolism meaning clots had formed in her pulmonary artery. Before the doctors broke the news, Kanini writes that she was going about her normal life.

“…Two days ago I was driving, walking, spending time with my family…”she writes.


Her cardiologist, however, ordered that she be admitted immediately. “This lady may be smiling but what is inside her is serious so get her to HDU right now and start the drip!” Kanini recalls.

Although Kanini’s condition was life-threatening, her positive and vibrant energy could be felt through her Facebook updates where she thanked her well-wishers and doctors who worked tirelessly to treat her.

“I’m still keeping my swag in my hospital bed and looking forward to wearing bright Kamba colored clothes when I’m discharged. If you’re around when I’m 120 years old we’ll go dancing at New Jack Swing…ama?” she says.

On June 23, Kanini  had a successful fifteen minute procedure – a sieve was placed inside her inferior venacava to block blood clots passing from her lower limbs to her heart, lungs and brain.

She is finally out of the hospital and on her way to recovery. We wish you the best of health and a quick recovery.