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Nyandarua Senator Methu Muhia on the spot for selfie with Mozambique President

By Mercy Simiyu September 6th, 2023 2 min read

Nyandarua Senator Methu Muhia has come under criticism for sharing a selfie with Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi at the ongoing Africa Climate Summit at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

The photo opportunity presented itself when the Senator was assigned the role of escorting the visiting Head of State during his visit to Nairobi for the Africa Climate Summit.

The photo Muhia posted on X (formerly Twitter) showed him beaming with excitement as he sat next to the President in a car.

“Extremely honored by President Dr. William Ruto to get an opportunity to be the Escort of Honour of the President of Mozambique H.E. Filipe Jacinto Nyusi. It was a great moment of diplomatic learning since we received him at the JKIA Presidential Pavilion, to his hotel to have breakfast with him, to drove with him to KICC for the African Climate Summit. I have later seen him off and will pay him a visit in Maputo to deepen the relationship. I had an opportunity to tap into his very rich political experience and his belief in strong political parties, his party Frelimo leading from the front,” tweeted the senator.

Kenyans on Twitter shared doubts about whether the Senator understood diplomatic protocols or his role as escort of a visiting Head of State.

Others accused him of using the selfie as a means of self-promotion and questioned the appropriateness of such behavior at an event dedicated to crucial global issues like climate change.

“This was a good chance to share brochures of your County and investment opportunities (cash crop za Nyandarua…), to the President, but you chose a selfie, alafu ukuje kutuambia vile uliteseka as a child na sasa wewe ni Senator,” tweeted Rodgers Kipembe Mpuru

“Its unprofessional and unethical to use such an opportunity to take selfies with him, its a breach of protocol and privacy. Stop it. You need to enroll for government ethics and etiquette at Kenya School of Government,” tweeted Peter Muriuki Kairu

“This is disrespect to H.E Filipe Jacinto, you mean there wasn’t any leader of the high caliber to escort him, why was he being escorted by a riff-raff?,” tweeted Perrenial Winner