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Otiende Amollo: I’m not a freemason, and neither is my law firm

A day after Gor Mahia chairman Ambrose Rachier revealed his religious status, Kenyans are still left with many questions regarding Freemasonry.

In an interview with NTV on Sunday night, Mr Rachier said that he was introduced to Masonry in 1994 by his close friends and that it is not based on any particular religion.

Mr Rachier is a lawyer by profession and said that inside the organisation, there are many people in the country who are members and are from different professional backgrounds.

“Most people in freemasonry are simple Kenyans, some of them businessmen, some are judges of our courts; there are very few politicians,” Mr Rachier said.

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He also has a law firm together with Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo; The Law Firm Of Rachier & Amollo LLP.

But upon listening to Mr Rachier’s confession, the MP reacted and set the record clear that the law firm is not associated with Freemasons, and neither is he a member.

“Interesting Times! Have Seen An Interview By My Law Firm Partner Ambrose Rachier On Freemasonry! I Am Not & Will Never Join Freemasonry! Let It Be Known That The Law Firm Of Rachier & Amollo LLP Is NOT Associated With The Movement!”

During the interview, Mr Rachier claimed that Masonry is not about devil worshipping and that there are Muslims, Christians, as well as Buddhists in freemasonry.

“In reference to building a temple for God, nothing can be further from satanic than that and, indeed, masonry is about building a temple, which is why we have degrees of builders.

I think most are talking from a point of view of Christianity, yet masonry is not based on any particular religion. We have Muslims in freemasonry, Christians, Buddhists and a few atheists, so there is no reference whatsoever to issues of devil worship, whoever the devil is,” Mr Rachier told NTV.

He added that freemasonry is a society like any other formalised in 1640, and is a member’s organisation where someone is being invited by somebody.

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According to Mr Rachier, once someone has been invited, an interview will be carried out before someone is welcomed into the association.

His revelation has surfaced many questions from Kenyans. Lawyer Miguna Miguna criticized him for saying that freemasonry is a charitable organization, yet there are no projects being funded by it.

“Ambrose Rachier hails from dirt poor Gem in Siaya County. If FREEMASONS are champions of CHARITY, how many schools, hospitals, orphanages and shelters for the homeless have they built? How many scholarships has Rachier funded? He KILLED Gor Mahia with his devil worship,” Miguna Miguna said.

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