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Outrage after Lilian Muli asks rape victim if she ‘provoked’ attack

Citizen TV news anchor Lillian Muli is under fire from Kenyans on Twitter after asking a rape survivor whether she may have invited the ordeal on herself.

The news anchor was interviewing rape survivor Irene Karimi on her ordeal in February 2015 when a gang of thieves robbed and raped her in Kibera.

Muli shocked her viewers by asking ” “Could you have said something, could you have done something? Were you dressed in a certain way?”


The question came just after Ms Karimi had revealed toe-curling details of how the gang of 10 thieves broke into her house at night, stole from her before three of them proceeded to rape her.

Responding to the question, Ms Karimi schooled Muli that when a woman is raped it is not because she provoked her attacker.

She went ahead to describe her dressing style during the incident as decent.

“Certainly I’m a church girl, I’m a minister in my local church and I don’t dress indecently and didn’t offend anyone in my community. They came and started asking why I was beautiful na sina mshikaji, they started asking if I was HIV + they started physically abusing me,” said Karimi.

Muli’s interview has been widely criticised online, with users pointing out that it was an irresponsible line of questioning.