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P-Unit: We’re back to teach local artistes music lesson

With the release of their latest song Chocha, genge music group P-Unit have declared that thy are back to reclaim their place in the music industry.

P-Unit, which comprises Frasha, Bon Eye and Gabu, took a hiatus of three years for each member to focus on their solo careers.

Gabu says he took time to nurture upcoming talent as well as to establish his label Kompakt Record.

Frasha, who is a doctor by profession, ventured into politics while Bon Eye says he has been busy running family business as well as Decimal Records alongside veteran producer Musyoka.


The group which formed in 2003 has now regrouped with a warning to other artistes that they are back in a big way.

“We left for various reasons and also to give space to other artistes to flourish. But we realized all this time it’s only Sauti Sol who have been representing us internationally. I mean, we won several awards out there but since we took a hiatus it’s been only Sauti Sol representing us. Clearly most Kenyan artistes are comfortable being local artiste. Wanajichocha and that’s why we are back,” Gabu has said.

Over the years P Unit have released several club bangers including Kare, You Guy, Mobimba, Hapa Kule, Una among others.