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Patricia Kihoro adds her voice to sexual assault claims against actor Nick Mutuma

Singer and actress Patricia Kihoro has added her voice to the sexual assault allegations being made against fellow actor Nick Mutuma.

Kihoro said she would no longer work with Mutuma or any other alleged abuser.

In addition, she says she would also not amplify any projects associated with the embattled actor or that of any other alleged abuser is involved in.

This decision, she said, was hard for her because of many reasons including the fact that she had worked with Mutuma before and they were good friends.

“What steps am I taking going forward? I will not work with him, or any other abuser, and will not amplify projects that he or any other abuser is involved in, whether or not I am a part of it. We shot Disconnect before the accusations became public, but what we do now matters,” tweeted Patricia Kihoro.

Kihoro apologised to her fans for keeping silent on the matter for this long, saying she should not have buried her head in the sand but rather should have searched for the truth.

“My silence in this matter has been wrong, ESPECIALLY given my proximity and platforms. I do not have the luxury of sitting this out because it’s tough to address. My silence has shown complicity and has served to protect them. I could and should have done more when I knew better.”

“I spoke to Nick on Friday last week at length. I should have done so much earlier but because I know both Koome and Nick, to varying degrees personally, I chose to slowly distance myself from the situation. This was cowardly and wrong on my part.”

Sexual assault allegations were made against Nick in 2017, however the claims resurged after the premiere of his film “Sincerely Daisy” on Netflix last week.

A section of women on social media demanded for the movie to be pulled down and created a hashtag #BoycottNickMutuma to amplify their demands.

However, Nick Mutuma has denied the allegations instead claiming he was being targeted unjustly.

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