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Pokot South MP defies Ruto, revives presidential term limit change

President William Ruto led a delegation of politicians and businessmen and women to West Pokot County to participate in the launching of Devki Group of Companies’ Cemtech Sebit Clinker Plant on April 8, 2023.

During the ceremony, Devki’s Chairman, Mr Narendra Raval told the audience that President Ruto should rule Kenya for atleast 25 years, praying that God have him 100 years of life.

“Our President is here and I am happy. I was worried about the weather but he did his best and came here even with vehicles. He loves us so much. He loves this country so much- especially myself, I have no words to say to him. God give him 100 years of life. I wish that we have this President for at least for 25 years… He will change this country. I don’t want to say much, I don’t want to take much of his time because he has got a lot of other commitments,” said Mr Raval in part.

A silent wave of laughter errupted in the audience as quick as it began.

Speaking later after Mr Raval, Pokot South Member of Parliament, David Pkosing, told the same audience that 25 years was nothing compared to plans to change the Constitution approved presidential term limits. He said this in relation to asking the national government to take over some hospitals in his constituency that are run down and no longer offering adequate services since Caucasian foreigners left the hospitals some years back.

“…your Excellency, if you take over that one, even God will help you with that and you will live (longer). And I think it won’t just be until 25 years. Let us change the Constitution, kwani iko nini? (loosely translated as ‘what can anyone do about/stop it). Praise the Lord,” said Mr PKosing as the audience erupted in laughter.

The 2010 Constitution of Kenya only allows one to be president for two terms in a period of 10 years.

The first time this Constitution was challenged after President William assumed power was in November 2022, barely two months into office when Nandi Senator Samson Cherargei proposed the extension of presidential term limits from five to seven years.

“The continuous campaign mood in the country has been occasioned by the perception that elections are held within a short period of five years. In any election period, we lose a whole year in campaigns. And another year is lost immediately after the election because of the litigation in the Supreme Court,” said Senator Cherargei in part.

However, President Ruto and his allies shut down Senator Cherargei, telling him off and directing anyone with sentiments similar to his to instead focus on laws that uplift the lives of millions of Kenyans instead of one Kenyan in power.