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Police arrest man who chained ‘mad’ brother in forest naked for weeks

Police in Mpeketoni, Lamu county,  have arrested a middle aged man said to have chained his brother to a tree inside a forest for over a month.

The victim, Mr Bakari Anderson Ndunda, 28, was rescued by Administration Police officers on Sunday evening while tied to a tree at Bahati Njema area in Mkunumbi.

Mr Bakari was found alive but in a frail and critical condition inside the forest where he had allegedly been tied by his elder brother. He is currently admitted at the Mpeketoni Sub County Hospital.

The brother, Mr Salim Anderson Ndunda, is said to have undressed and chained Bakari’s hands and legs to a tree in the forest before leaving him for dead early last month.

According to a police officer who led the rescue mission on Sunday evening, and who requested anonymity since he is not authorized to speak to the press, the culprit tied his brother to the tree because he was a ‘bother back home’.

“We were given a tip-off by one of the herders at Mkunumbi who said that he had seen someone tied to a tree while naked. It was around 8pm. We went there and found one Mr Bakari Anderson Ndunda.

“After a few minutes questioning the man, he said his elder brother committed the act. We went to his homestead and as we speak we have already arrested the brother who did the cruel act. We are currently holding him as we wait for the court date either today or tomorrow,” said the police officer.

Mr Bakari is said to have gone without food or water throughout the period.

“We have not been seeing Bakari for are while. Every time we ask his brother about him, he keeps saying he is tired of the ‘madman’ who keeps wandering the whole of Lamu. Law should take its course,” said Mr Alex Kamau, a Mkunumbi resident.

Human rights activists at Mpeketoni described the act as inhumane and called for proper punishment for the doer.

“That’s inhumane. That elder brother intended to kill. He should be severely punished as per the law,” said Mr Alexander Mutua.