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Pornhub registered lower traffic during World Cup

It is official. The love for football supersedes that of anything else. Well.. almost.

New data on traffic to pornographic website Pornhub showed a significant dip during the 2018 World Cup final that saw France beat Croatia 4-2.

According to the Daily Mail, the new insights come after previous data showed that traffic to the website dropped considerably when fans from particular countries playing in the tournament tuned in to watch their teams compete.

As expected, traffic declines were especially pronounced in France and Croatia.

Just before the final match’s kick off, traffic in Croatia dropped by 46 percent, while France was down 24 per cent.

Notably, Croatia’s traffic remained considerably lower throughout the match, declining as much as 68 per cent in the first hour.

Worldwide traffic meanwhile also dipped by approximately 12 per cent during the final in this site which attracts about 2 million visitors each day.

Traffic from the United States, which did not compete in the World Cup, only dipped by approximately five percent. In Russia, traffic declined by a considerable 23 per cent.