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Rachel Ruto keeps DP waiting on inauguration day and Kenyan women love it – VIDEO

A video of Deputy President William Ruto at his Karen home waiting for his family to leave the house and embark on the journey to Kasarani for the inauguration has been shared widely.

What has excited the online community from that video is that even the DP has to wait for his wife Rachel to dash back to the house over and over before finally leaving their home.

In the video, Mrs Ruto dashes back to the house four times before finally the DP and his son walk away to board the vehicle.

In the first instance, Mrs Ruto walks out with her daughters but as the girls walk to the parking lot she dashes back.

She then walks out with one of her sons who engages the DP in a conversation about his new Afro hairstyle for youths.

Rachel helps the boy pat his hair down before she quickly dashes back into the house and comes back with her other son.

In the final dash, Rachel even places her bag on some furniture in the living room and by the time her husband walks to the parking lot, she is nowhere to be seen.


The dashing in and out of the house is typical of Kenyan women who are said to be the last people to leave the house all times.

Women who commented on the viral video had a lot to say about the common behavior.

Josephine Teeka wrote, “Thank you the DP for rescuing me. My hubby nearly chews me with anger I go in 100 times??? sai amesema if a whole DP goes thru this then who am I.”

Kamau Beatrice added, “I see am not the only one with this behaviour but he is better of coz she is coming out in the same clothes.”

Cherotich Carren Kiki wrote, “This taking long to prepare ahaaaa, we are so many oh! I would be the first to wake up, shower but last to leave the house, my mum is worst! Its a woman thing.”

Anne Nyakinyua Goro explained, “The reason we keep rushing back to the house is to make sure kila kitu iko poa and safe. I am the type that will reach at the gate then go back to switch off the TV from the socket and to return the remote where it’s supposed to be. Hizi vitu ndogo ndogo zitafanya nisiskie tarumbeta ya kuenda mbinguni.”

Men too wondered what makes women the last people to leave the house.

Waweru Kariuki wrote, “Also notably,all women are siblings. H.E.Rachel Ruto went back to the house for like 5 times until Ruto told them that he would leave them behind to find their way there.What is this that they keep going for?”

Davie Wawesh stated, “I now forgive my wife. I thought I was the only one who starts the car then she rushes back to the house.”

Kanjah Wakanjah II wrote, “I thought my wife is the only one with this kind of behavior…. In and out rhythm while I’m waiting for her outside…BEATRICE, BEATRICE…toka twende…HAKUNA WAKATI.”