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Radio presenter Nick Ndeda splits with girlfriend

Radio presenter Nick Ndeda has parted ways with his lover of seven years.

Ndeda, formerly at Kiss FM, and his ex-girlfriend Muthoni Gitau, who doubles up as a Youtube content creator, jointly made the announcement on Monday, July 5, 2021.

And in what could rank as a first in the celebrity world, the soon-to-be ex-couple shared the message on Youtube together so as to avoid ‘speculation’.

They appeared at ease with the messaging and confirmed they intend to remain friends.

Ndeda says the duo initially shared goals when they started dating but along the way they’ve decided to pursue their goals ‘differently’.

“You (Muthoni) were very aggressive chasing personal goals plus the shared goals, I was a little bit on the lax side especially with the shared. Even to a certain extent, I neglected my personal goals,” said Ndenda.

Muthoni, meanwhile explained she was ready to date again.

“ I haven’t dated much, this was my third serious relationship. I feel that is something I want to go and explore,” she said.

Ndeda announced he will not be appearing on the YouTube channel again.

The YouTube content creator also changed her channel to Just Doing Life with Muthoni Gitau and removed Nick’s pictures.

The duo says the decision to separate took them three months and involved seeking professional help.

“It (the decision) was not made overnight. It has been three months of thinking and talking to professionals. There are also certain outside factors that have contributed to the decision. There are also certain people that made the decision very easy, certain people… I know they are watching so that they can make phone calls, do it!” Muthoni said.