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Raila posts photo of Francis Nyenze’s body. Huge blunder!

Nasa leader Raila Odinga on Thursday posted on Twitter a photo of Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze’s body lying in mortuary, provoking a strong backlash from KOT.

Mr Odinga had gone to the Lee Funeral Home accompanied by a host of Nasa leaders where he was photographed viewing the legislator’s body.

In the photo, Mr Odinga stood over Nyenze’s body, which was covered from neck down, while raising his right hand.

It showed Mr Nyenze’s face.

He posted the graphic photo, which cannot be published for ethical reasons, on Twitter accompanied with his condolence message. It was later deleted.

Mr Odinga condoled with Nyenze’s family and his constituents, adding that Nasa had lost a dedicated leader.

A screenshot of the tweet that has since been deleted.
A screenshot of the tweet that has since been deleted.

Nyenze died on Wednesday morning at Nairobi Hospital after succumbing to colon cancer.

Mr Odinga’s tweet showing Nyenze’s body caused a stir online where users urged him to respect the dead.

@gladysmungaii replied; “The account manager please this is wrong. Respect the dead a photo of Rao outside Lee morgue is enough but Nyenze??? I think you need to think through some stuff before posting. My two cents….”

@Kurgat__ added; “The photo is disturbing.”

@VybzPalmer wrote; “This is soooooo wrong mahn. Mbona upost picha ya mtu amemaliza safari yake hapa duniani??”

@OchiChurchil questioned; “Wakenya nyie hamkosi kuulizia chochote. Kuwepo kwa picha ya mwendazake yawasumbuani? Mola ailaze roho yake mahali pema.”

@wambugumunandi wrote; “Shameful to parade the remains of the Hon Kitui West MP Francis Nyenze.”

@PurityKaran1 retorted; “If ur still supporting Nasa this is how ur photo will be circulated in the media, Shame.”

@kariuki_mj added; “He had disowned NASA before his death..he was Kitui West MP.”

@kimsmann wrote; “It is wrong to put his body in social media….just a little sensitivity is critical.”

The photo has since been deleted from Mr Odinga Twitter handle.