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Reactions as Museveni disagrees with Bible scripture

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni has sparked mixed reactions after voicing his disagreement with a Bible scripture, Hebrews 13:14-15.

The President questioned the interpretation of the scripture, particularly concerning the relationship between material possessions and spiritual matters.

His remarks stirred a lively online debate, with users expressing a range of opinions.

President Museveni recounted his father’s long life, living to the age of 96, and pondered the idea that the world is not our permanent home.

“I disagreed with the Scripture Union on issues of Material vs Spiritual,” he remarked.

“Our preachers were saying ‘ebyensi nomushenyi,’ meaning ‘this world is not ours, we are just visitors.’ But my father, Mzee Amos, died at 96. What sort of visitor stays for 96 years?”

Twitter users quickly reacted to the President’s comments, with some finding them amusing, while others sought to provide alternative interpretations of the scripture.

Sue Diamond commented that certain proverbs may require reevaluation, indicating a need for a fresh perspective on traditional teachings.

Another user, Слава Україні, humorously suggested that if President Museveni’s father was not considered a visitor, perhaps he should return to the world.

This lighthearted response reflected the diverse reactions to the President’s statement.

Emmanuel Dombo offered an explanation in support of President Museveni’s view, stating that the President was emphasizing the need for humanity to fulfill the biblical mandate to multiply, dominate the earth, and have dominion over other creatures.

According to Dombo, the church’s interpretation may have sounded defeatist.

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Sankara presented an alternative perspective, highlighting that although President Museveni’s father had left the earthly realm, he would dwell eternally in the afterlife, thus affirming his status as a visitor during his time on Earth.

Edson Niwagaba Musasizi Jr15 attempted to clarify the original intention of the scripture, suggesting that the world is considered a host since human beings do not reside here permanently.

He urged President Museveni to contemplate the statement further.