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Rival gangs fight for a share of Eastleigh

By Faith Nyamai November 11th, 2013 1 min read


A group of young people  from Eastleigh and Mlango Kubwa  has started an anti-Mungiki campaign in the area.

Led by Charles kyalo, the group has sworn to stop violent activities usually associated with members of the sect.

Area residents claim that armed young men believed to be Mungiki members were operating in groups and robbing them on their way home in the morning and evenings.

“We have decided to patrol this area day and night and ensure no resident is attacked,” said Kyalo.

The group, however, has been having a rough time dealing with their rivals about who should take control of security in the area.


Joy Njeri,  a resident of  St Teresa,  said  security in the two estates had deteriorated in the recent past, making many people shift to other areas.

“The new group  has written a letter to every plot informing residents that it is a community based organisation which will take care of security issues and that it requires every  tenant to pay Sh50 every month. Landlords are to pay Sh500 for a two Storey building and Sh1,500 for any plot with buildings that are more than two storeys,” she said.

“It took a night of fighting to take control over this area” said  Kyalo.

However, the area Chief Moses Gamia said the administration and the police were monitoring the group to make sure residents and landlords were not exploited.

“This group is just like the other one and we have equally put it under our microscope. We will not allow them to terrorise residents,” he said.