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Robert Alai begs for funds to pay bail and legal fees

Controversial blogger Robert Alai has launched a funds drive to help him meet legal fees and other costs that may arise during his court case.

On Friday afternoon, Mr Alai took to Twitter to ask for donations from well wishers.

He posted: “Friends, Supporters Launch M-Changa fund drive for blogger Robert Alai’s Legal Fees,” as well as a link to an article from his KahawaTungu blog.

Kenyans were quick to comment on the fundraiser, showing no mercy as they made the currently detained blogger the butt of jokes. Some poked fun at the fact that he was detained.”

The move touched off all manner of reactions from his followers.

Dennis @gdennoh89 said, “Kumbe ni wewe ulinitumia message jana eti nimeshinda Sh100 million ya KCB/Safaricom promotion… nimeamini kamiti si mchezo.”

“Hehe…yaani you’ve thought of converting your stay in to a money making venture? asked Fued Mc’opondo @fkopondo.


“Nikuchangie bundles, hivyo tu ndio naweza kukusaidia kwa sasa,” 4BEL@Abel3stacks said, referencing Thursday’s Safaricom data purchasing glitch.

Chris Ja’Umaje @tofatochibo added that, “Safaricom inanidai ya platinum tena wewe na mchango!”

Markfish Ontuga @OntugaMarkfish was shocked that the blogger had no money to pay for his legal representation. “Yaani Alai we hurusha mdomo hapa na pesa ya lawyer huna.”

Others suggested that they had better things to do with their money.

Caltonleon @calton2017 tweeted, “Tutalipa deni ya China ama tutakichangia. Go drying!”

Others were a little more sympathetic.

Paul Kaweru @paulkaweru tweeted that, “Sina extra ningekuchangia but next time try to think of the repercussions of what you tweet. Don’t just tweet to please these people. Pole bro. You’ll be out soon.”

The blogger has been detained for 14 days while authorities look for evidence to prosecute him.

He is accused of sympathizing with terrorists after sharing a gory photograph of dead police officers whose vehicle had run over an improvised explosive device (IED).