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Ruracio fatigue! Cousins find the perfect reason to boycott dowry ceremony

A tired cousin took to Twitter to rant at being invited for the third traditional marriage ceremony by her male cousin who was taking up a new bride.

The tweep wrote how she and her cousins boycotted the event as they had developed ruracio fatigue.

The said cousin was paying bride price for a third girl after separating with the first two women.

“My cousin had his third ruracio today. We boycotted. Kwani kupeleka mahari has become a career. Ah ah. There is so much kitenge i can wear for one person. How do these men get ghels after ghels. smdh!,” the user wrote.

The tweet was shared widely with some users narrating their similar experiences with relatives.

“We have a Cuzo like that, we recently met and we told him we shall attend another ruracio when she has 3 babies by him and they live together,” one wrote.

A user had a cheeky explanation; “Elimination method~> 1st Quarter final ~>2nd Semi final ~>3rd final?.”

“All the three are his. Polygamy is legal down here. No?” another wrote.