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Samuel Wanjiru’s mum claims six strange men seen on night of his death

The mother of late Olympic marathon champion Samuel Wanjiru on Monday told the court that CCTV footage recorded six strangers walking into the compound on the night he died.

Ms Hannah Wanjiru, however, told the inquest at the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi that she was unable to identify the six men because it was dark and they wore dark clothes and the lights in the compound were switched off.

The strangers came in through the alternative gate and walked straight to the house.

“The video footage showed the watchman going to open the gate. He had a torch and one of the six strangers also had a torch. I could not see the people properly. A vehicle was also driven into the compound,” she said.


Ms Wanjiru alleged that parts of the footage were damaged and it did not show how her son met his death.

She said according to the footage, her son’s widow Triza Njeri later walked to the alternative gate while on phone and three men, whom she (Hannah) was able to identify, walked into the compound.

Since they were watching the footage in the house in the company of others, including Ms Njeri, she sought to know from her why the men had been called and the response was that they were coming to pick Mr Wanjiru’s body after falling.

“I sought to know how they knew he had fallen and, instead of giving a response, she started crying and walked downstairs,” said Ms Wanjiru.

She contested the theory that her son “fell” from a balcony to his death at his Nyahururu home in May 2011. According to her, she had spotted bloodstains on her son’s bedroom floor and the door, which support her belief that he might have met his death in the house.

Hearing resumes on May 11.