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Sankok apologises for Slay Queens slur on women aspiring for Parliamentary seats

By DAVID KWALIMWA November 28th, 2018 1 min read

Nominated Member of Parliament, David Ole Sankok, has apologized over the remarks he recently made regarding women and people living with disabilities.

During an appearance on Citizen TV, the 38-year old physically challenged lawmaker explained he would never knowingly make a statement that would demean any category of persons in the country.


“If I made a statement which might have rumbled anyone, and especially the single mothers, I do sincerely apologize from the bottom of my heart,” said Sankok.

“It was not my intention to make a statement that would demean any category of persons in this country.”

His apology is sudden climb down from a radical position of the lawmaker who earlier challenged women who aspire to be nominated to parliament through the proposed Gender Bill to prove that they are not involved in illicit relationships.


“If these gender top up slots will be for our daughters, sisters, wives and mothers, then I support it 100 percent. But if it’s for the slay queens to slay their way into the National Assembly, to massage their way into the Senate or County Assemblies, then I do have reservations,” Sankok is on record saying.

Sankok further proposed that all women who deserve a nomination must make their husbands known.

“If you are not married and you have several kids from different quarters, you are not a woman of integrity. All those who are unmarried and have children will be required to parade them and their DNA taken for tests to determine if they are from the same father.”