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School accused of negligence, cover up in student’s death

A Nairobi father has accused a national school of covering up the circumstances under which his first born daughter died.

Josphat Namatsi told Nairobi News that he conducted an independent investigation and found out that “his daughter, Tracy Sylvia Namatsi, died within the Moi High School Kabarak school compound and the school took her body to a medical facility of their choice to cover-up their negligence.”

The father of two was told by the school that her daughter collapsed while in class and was taken to a medical centre where she died after efforts to resuscitate her failed.

“The school said the girl was active throughout Saturday but my investigations revealed that she was too weak to put on her clothes that morning and was helped dress up by fellow students. She sought medical attention at the school clinic and was told to go back to class where she was later found unresponsive,” the father told Nairobi News in an interview.


Mr Namatsi faulted the manner in which the school handled the case and failed to inform him of the medical emergency until three hours after her death.

“By the time I got to the hospital, both the director of the school and that of the medical facility as well as the reverend had arrived yet the doctor in charge for instance was in Nairobi during the time when the incident happened. Where did they get all the time to assemble all these people instead of calling me first to inform me?” questioned the father.

Tracy Sylvia Namatsi, 16, a form three student at Moi High Schoool Kabarak died after a short illness on January 14, 2016. PHOTO | COURTESY
Tracy Sylvia Namatsi, 16, a form three student at Moi High Schoool Kabarak died after a short illness on January 14, 2016. PHOTO | COURTESY

The school had stated that the girl was first treated on Friday after being found with a bacterial infection then her condition worsened on Saturday at 4pm.

“Nobody has given an explanation as to why I was not called early when her condition worsened and the fact that I was not involved in discussing a suitable treatment plan leaves a lot of questions. Also the fact that they waited for the doctor in charge to arrive at the facility before calling me is the reason why I am concluding that it was a cover-up to buy time and cook a story,” the father told Nairobi News.


Tracy’s belongings have since been handed over to a relative who lives in Nakuru town and the school, despite having representatives during the burial, did not narrate the circumstances under which she passed on.

“Even after my speech questioning how the school failed to communicate early, no official from the school has given an explanation,” said Mr Namatsi.

Nairobi News contacted the school’s executive director Henry Kiplagat who said the school fraternity was still mourning but referred the matter to the Principal or the resident doctor to issue a statement on behalf of the administration.

The two are yet to respond to the cover-up claims and lack of communication raised by the deceased’s parent.