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Senator now disowns photos of ruracio with estranged wife

Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has asked a magistrate to strike out divorce proceedings filed by his estranged wife Marianne Kitany, saying, he is married to one wife.

Arguing before Chief Magistrate Peter Gesora on Wednesday, Mr Linturi, through lawyer Muthomi Thiankolu, described Ms Kitany’s claims of marriage to him as false. He says he has been married to Ms Mercy Kaimenyi for the past 18 years.

The senator dismissed photographs brought to court by Ms Kitany, showing a ceremony where customary marriage was conducted. He said the photos are not proof of marriage.

He insists he is a Christian in a monogamous relationship.

The legislator said Ms Kitany filed the divorce case to harass him and as a way of obtaining orders relating to property ownership.


He told the court that his legal wife and children have been barred from their Runda home until the divorce case is over, subjecting them to hardship.

But through Lawyer Danstan Omari, Ms Kitany said the alleged marriage between Mr Linturi and Ms Kaimenyi is a forgery. He wants the police to investigate the case.

She denied claims of harassing Mr Linturi and argued that she is a jobless woman with no capacity to harass a senator.

“It was him who evicted my client from their matrimonial home until the court intervened and gave her access to the house,” Mr Omari said.

Ms Kitany maintains she is lawfully married to Mr Linturi and will prove their union legal.


She also wants the Registrar of Marriages to investigate and confirm or produce the records or pleadings of Mr Linturi’s purported divorce, if any, to Ms Kaimenyi. There are claims that they filed a divorce in 2005.

In court papers, Ms Kitany maintains they planned, actualised and attended a wedding ceremony at his home in Meru.

Mr Gesora will rule on May 29 whether the divorce case will proceed or the proceedings will be quashed as sought by Mr Linturi.