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Serikali saidia! Murugi Munyi shares the struggles of building her home

Kenyan content creator and businesswoman Murugi Munyi and her husband Zach’s plans of putting up a home have reportedly received a couple of setbacks from the county government.

Munyi, a passionate influencer with a knack for sharing her experiences recently took to her Instagram stories to shed light on a common ordeal many home builders face – the exasperating journey of obtaining government approvals.

With her candid reflections, she struck a chord with her followers who resonated with similar tales of bureaucratic struggles at the county level. Kiambu County.

Munyi’s frustration was palpable in her words as she remarked, “Doing anything in Kenya that requires government approval is the most frustrating process! This is why people build without approval cause it’s the ghetto. Every time you come here, no one is in the office. All offices are closed. The only office open has an intern and she said today is her first day.”

This sentiment rings true for many entrepreneurs who’ve embarked on the daunting path of obtaining government approvals. The intricate maze of paperwork, often coupled with the elusive presence of officials, can indeed drive even the most well-intentioned individuals to consider bypassing official channels. Munyi confessed, “You know what the most frustrating thing is? So many people build houses and properties without getting approval, and I always frown upon it like how can you just go ahead and dismiss the rules and regulations, but I now totally see why.”

Her empathy reflects a reality that goes beyond merely adhering to rules. Many Kenyans who plan to build their homes find themselves entangled in a disheartening process that stifles progress. Munyi aptly captured the essence of this struggle, “Imagine waiting for two months just to get your plans approved, and it’s not like they have responded and told you to change this about your plans… it’s like it has not even been received by anyone.”

The ripple effect of such bureaucratic hurdles isn’t confined to the home builders alone. Communities miss out on the potential growth these ventures could bring, and the economy suffers from the stagnation of innovation and productivity. Munyi’s advocacy for a more streamlined process is not just a personal plea but a call for systemic improvement.

Her frustration with absentee officials resonates with individuals who have encountered the same frustrating scenario. The lack of consistent presence in government offices can disrupt the delicate balance of time-sensitive projects. Many Kenyans are forced to divert their energy into repeated visits, wasting precious time that could be better utilized in running and growing their businesses, and or working their jobs.

Munyi’s words serve as a wake-up call, highlighting a broader issue that impacts the economic landscape in Kenya. The frustrating journey recounted by Murugi Munyi on her Instagram stories resonates with countless Kenyans who have grappled with the complexities of government approvals in Kenya. Her candid account sheds light on the need for a more efficient and transparent system that empowers Kenyans to contribute to the economy without unnecessary hindrances.

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