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Sheila Kwamboka: Why I cannot date a musician

A recent incident involving renowned Kenyan musician Nameless sparked a conversation that media personality Sheila Kwamboka, known as Kwambox, couldn’t stay silent on.

The incident, where Nameless was seen dancing seductively with his female fans, led Kwambox to candidly express why she, or anyone for that matter, might find it challenging to date a musician or celebrity.

Kwambox, who hosts the popular morning show on Kiss FM, revealed her reservations about being romantically involved with a musician. She specifically pointed out that the sight of celebrities dancing intimately with their fans had always been a tough pill for her to swallow. She couldn’t fathom being in a relationship where her partner engaged in such behavior and seemingly had no qualms about it.

“I saw him with fans and I was just like hmmm, got to be honest, this is why I don’t date musicians or technically anyone famous because these fans were having the time of their lives,” said Kwambox.

Speaking about the viral video featuring Nameless, she couldn’t help but express her thoughts on the matter. In the video, Nameless can be seen energetically dancing with a group of his enthusiastic fans to the beats of his song ‘Inspire.’ The dance moves involved holding the fans’ waists and grinding in a manner that could be perceived as intimate by some.

Kwambox’s comments reflected her concerns about being in a relationship with a musician, especially one whose profession involves such close interactions with their fans. She humorously pondered the difficulties of being the spouse of a musician like Timmy Tdat, suggesting that it would be a never-ending rollercoaster of emotions.

“Me if I was a wife of a musician, like imagine if you’re Timmy Tdat’s wife, everyday it’s just heartbreaks. And me if you come to me with a video like that one which is making rounds on the internet, wueh! I was just here looking at that video ya Nameless nikijiuliza Nameless ni wa-who?”

In a light-hearted yet thought-provoking manner, Kwambox drew attention to the challenges that come with dating a celebrity, particularly those in the music industry. The blurred lines between professional and personal life can be taxing for anyone, not just someone as charismatic and beloved as a musician. The constant exposure to situations that might be misconstrued can take a toll on a relationship.

The reactions to Nameless’s video were mixed among Kenyans. Some commended him, acknowledging that he was simply doing his job as an entertainer, keeping his fans engaged and happy. They saw past the performance and recognized that Nameless was a father with a family to support.

However, not everyone viewed the situation with such understanding. Some were left unsettled by the video, asserting that it was entirely inappropriate for a married man. This diversity of opinions highlights the challenges that celebrities like Nameless face in balancing their public personas with their private lives.

Kwambox’s candid comments shed light on the complex dynamics of dating a musician or celebrity. While the allure of fame and glamour is undeniable, it comes with its share of unique challenges. The incident involving Nameless dancing with his fans served as a poignant example of the blurred lines that often exist in the lives of public figures.

Kwambox’s perspective, while humorous, underscores the importance of open communication and understanding in any relationship, especially when one partner is in the limelight.

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