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Size 8 addresses critics about her dress code as a pastor

Gospel singer and preacher Size 8 Reborn has discussed the challenges she faces as a servant of God during a radio interview on Radio Maisha.

The mother of two expressed her desire not to be confined or judged by people’s expectations, particularly regarding her dress code.

In the interview, Size 8 candidly shared her thoughts on the pressures of being in the limelight and the unrealistic expectations placed on individuals in ministry.

She revealed that she chooses not to concentrate on those who criticize her dress code, emphasizing that she does not want to be imprisoned by the opinions of others while serving God.

“One of the things I find challenging about being in the limelight is the excessive expectations. People want you to be perfect. If they see me in a supermarket wearing trousers, they say pastors don’t wear trousers.

Even having long nails can lead to judgment. I do not want to be confined to the cocoon people want to put me in. I want to be free in my life as long as my God is pleased. I do not want to be a prisoner of Jesus Christ,” Size 8 explained.

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Addressing another controversial statement she made previously, Size 8 clarified her perspective on praying before intimacy in relationships.

She acknowledged the spiritual battle and believes that the devil is unhappy when couples come together in harmony.

However, she advised against praying in tongues during intimate moments, highlighting that intimate connection between couples should come from the heart and mind.

Size 8 emphasized that the devil seeks to separate parents, recognizing the detrimental impact it can have on their children.

By advocating for couples to pray before intimacy, she aims to encourage spiritual unity and protection for families against the devil’s attacks.

While her statements may spark debates and differing opinions, Size 8 says her intention is rooted in her faith and belief in the power of prayer within relationships.

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