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Why does size only matter when it’s about the man?

So there is a story of an American couple who recently got hitched after dating for six months and engaging for an additional six months.

Throughout their courtship, the lady wanted to grind corn. But the dude was disinclined. What a different type of man, she thought.

Then the monumental discovery during their honeymoon: the guy had a micro penis.

This is not about whether the woman should leave or stay. Nay. But whether size really matters.

Tonnes of literature have been written about this controversial topic, with contrasting views.

First, this discussion is forever skewed in favour of women. Size is only emphasised when men are the subject. The society, however, rarely questions parameters when women are involved.

Wouldn’t it be fair for men to equally interrogate the size, depth and any other measure of the vajayjay?


Secondly, just how small is small? If we are talking about the size of your middle finger, then that is average. And perfectly operational.

But if what you have under your pants is tinier than your small finger, you just might not be able to do anything meaningful where it matters.

Thirdly, how one performs under the sheets has absolutely nothing to do with size. Ignore the misconceptions.

Some men out there have hosepipes for manhood. Theirs go on and on and on. Forever. Some of them are condescending nightmares. They like to boast about how endowed they are. At the gym, they wear tight pants and shorts to show off the log lying under.

Men of average size live in awe of these. They secretly admire them. Only some of these ‘endowed’ bulls are no better than oxen. In spite of their long lashes, some of them can barely get a woman ‘anywhere’. That’s besides causing her unimaginable pain.

They just do not know how to use their infrastructure. What a disappointment.

On the flip side, you can only dismiss a ‘tiny’ pecker at your own peril. Some of them function like a Heckler & Koch gun, performing with both firepower and accuracy. Skill, remember.


When it comes to humping, dear folks, it is not about length. Neither is it about girth. These matter, obviously. But only sometimes. And when put to the right use.

It is all about expertise. Small or big. How familiar you are around the cookie jar.

Would you rather small and functional? Or large and… not so skilful? Some women like smaller tools. A test tube, say. Others can’t stand anything smaller than your arm. Preferences.

We must concur that our society has promoted very subjective standards. Big bums. Long whips. Both which are worshipped as the symbols of sexual satisfaction. But are they?

Research shows that most men possess average to small penises. These are nonetheless happy in their sexual life. Their women too are happy.

Before you dismiss a micropeen, get to know how much it can do. How far it can go.

Most importantly, know what you partner has between their legs.