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SNAPPY 7: Nyashinski – Don’t let your ego come in the way and spoil for you

By HILARY KIMUYU November 18th, 2016 3 min read

Fiery rapper Nyamari Ongegu, better known as Nyashinski, left the country and the Kenyan music scene when he was at the height of his career as part of the group Kleptomaniax.

He has been in the country for a few months now and has already taken the music industry by storm and promises to be here for a while.

He sat down with Nairobi News and talked about his journey through music and what his fans should expect from him.

1. Briefly tell us about yourself? – To the young people who have just listened to Now You Know, my name is Nyashinski, I’m a musician from Nairobi Kenya. Just check out my music. I like it and it’s nice.

2. Why did you decide to make a comeback after such a long time? – I just missed making music for people. I never stopped doing music, I was doing it for myself and a few friends and listening to it in my car. I missed being here and doing it for the fans. To me it’s more about the fans and not me.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from to do your songs? – I always tell people that I write my songs from my heart. Sometimes there are days that your mind is occupied with spirituality; it is the same thing but being expressed musically.

4. How was the experience working with Trey Songz? – People go with this expectation that Trey is going to be proud, but he is just a normal humble guy who is very funny. He likes cracking jokes and it is fun to work with someone like that who doesn’t chase everyone away and keep to himself. He is very talented. Trey and his team are very professional, it’s like a machine, and everyone has a role. It was good to sit there and see how other people work’ For me it was really a learning process.

5. In your song Now You Know, are you taking jabs at your fellow artistes? – Rap is competitive so you have to believe you’re the best, you have to show bravado, you have to show that kind of swag and all that. Another line that people always asks me about is “Newcomer”, what I was trying to tell people is, don’t let your ego come in the way and spoil for you. This thing doesn’t last forever, no one lives forever, no one stays a star forever, treat people with kindness and respect, and just because you are new we will get used to you. It’ a normal trajectory, so I was just giving advice for them to be humble and not let their ego carry them to a point where they will not even recognise who they were.

6. Can we expect anything from Kleptomaniax? – At the moment everyone is doing their own projects maybe in the next year. Klepto is constant, it doesn’t go away. If Collo is shining and grinding, it reminds you of the group, Roba same thing. At the core we are still friends, still brothers and we are still there. People have a connection with Kleptomaniax because of what we did, and that is special to us and to people obviously and that will always be there.

7. What should we expect from Nyanshinski? – I’m working on compiling but right now I’m working on recording and shooting videos. In future you can expect more good music, honest music and not all of them will be Now You Know. I try to make my songs unpredictable, which is exciting for me and for my fans as well. I want my songs and my experience with fans to be a full experience where you will get happy songs, sad songs, slow songs and maybe even lullaby’s.