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Sonko-Passaris beef gets uglier with leaked phone conversation – VIDEO

The fallout between Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris has gotten uglier following the release of an incriminating recorded phone conversation on social media.

The recorded WhatsApp phone call was shared on social media by blogger Robert Alai on Sunday, just a day after Passaris walked out on Sonko during the Madaraka Day celebrations in Nairobi after she was subjected to a lengthy lecture by the governor.

In the phone conversation, a woman who purports to be Passaris, is heard revealing details of a political strategy she shared with the opposition leader Raila Odinga duirng the 2017 General Election campaigns.

The woman is also heard soliciting for Sh1 million from Sonko, which she claims she intends to take to Odinga.

“I went for a strategy meeting and I was given some strategy which I told Baba (Odinga) to use… and Baba listened to me. He used the strategy at the Jakaranda, okay? And Baba has already told someone, a relative of his, that this one is now going to be my kingpin in Nairobi… so tomorrow at seven o’clock we are going to see him (Odinga)… I want to go with atleast a million, everybody is going with Sh 500,000, but me I do not have the money…” the woman says in the phone conversation.

The woman further explains how she has been failed by someone named Pius who was supposed to give her the money.

It’s here that the male voice agrees to help her.

Here is how part of the phone conversation goes:

Female voice: …Sonko, the thing is he (Pius) doesn’t want to help me.

Male voice: No, I’ll give you 500… when are you going to see Baba?

Female voice: Seven in the morning tomorrow.

Male voice: Okay, I’ll give you 500 today.

Female voice: You know I have somebody, I have my PA who I trust 100%… because me I’m at the Intercon… I’m even staying here….

Male voice: Okay, then you’ll send him today… but text me his number…

Female voice: What time? Yeah, Ill text you his number… then he’ll call you… you tell me what time you want him to come…

Male voice: Before 3 O clock

Female voice: Okay, his name is Bush

Male voice: Bush, okay, I’ll sort him out

The woman also offers to support and work together with Sonko during the campaign.

But the male voice instead reprimands her for targeting the president in their campaign.

“Mimi I feel bad when you guys insult my boss, kila saa mnachapa president, sijui nini, sijui corruption… hiyo muwachane nayo kabisa! Alafu mimi nitaangalia mambo yenu. But please respect the president,” the male voice says.

In another phone conversation, the man calls back to confirm that he has sent the money.

The woman thanks him and offers to love him more, to which the man politely declines saying he doesn’t need her love.

“For now let me say I do not want you to love me because I have my wife… do not love me but I will still help you,” he say.