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Taifa Leo set for relaunch

Taifa Leo is a product of the Nation Media Group Limited and the only Kiswahili daily in Kenya.

It is the 1st product of Nation Media Group that has been in existence for more than 60 years. Indeed, it is the foundation of NMG before it expanded to Daily Nation and other multimedia channels such as TV, Radio, and Digital.

Taifa Leo boasts of a strong educational presence in Kenya, with the paper being used as a revision guide by both the primary and secondary schools with model schools’ exams as well as set book guides being published in the Newspaper every day, Monday-Saturday.

In light of evolving editorial initiatives, Taifa Leo is re-launching its new look and redesigned newspaper to attract a wider segment of its untapped clientele.

Our main objective is to position ourselves as a fresh, modern, punchy, informative, educative, and entertainment brand that is anchored in broadening the Swahili spectrum both locally and internationally.

Over the last few months, there’s been a consistent effort to reinforce Taifa Leo’s market leadership in the Kiswahili language space that has been well established over the years. An organized concerted effort to;

  • Communicate a fresh, new brand outlook to match the changing times as well as communicate its new direction.
  • Challenge our circulation and advertising reach potential by our brand publications on both print &digital.
  • Advertising customers and partners continually challenge our leadership and inadvertently

ask for aggressive discounts that are unsustainable and erode The Group’s commercial objectives.

  • Seeking out our vendors where we have significantly invested.
  • Try and take over the trade with deliberate visibility campaigns.

However, it is imperative that we need to remind our audiences and advertising clients on the USP for Taifa Leo –Bold, Credible, Authoritative & Trusted Swahili Content. We seek to ring-fence our brand as the source of verified information and that it continues to be true to its mission to transform lives. The campaign will seek to reinforce Taifa Leo’s positioning as the authentic, unbiased source of information throughout its existence.

In light of this, we roll out an iconic, disruptive, high-octane Taifa Leo Re-Launch Campaign to deliver brand relevance in our audiences’ lives, re-establish an emotional connection with our brand positioning –#Kumekucha to communicate the new dawn of the paper as well as drive brand love amongst new & existing customers and recruit new younger audiences.

What is the communication trying to achieve?

Our communication objectives:

  • Drive Brand awareness of the new features of the new Taifa Leo through the #Kumekucha campaign via social media channels within which existing and potential customers are.
  • Position Taifa Leo as a Bold, Credible, Authoritative & Trusted source of Swahili news and content
  • To bring out the following new features of the new Taifa Leo:
    1. The new Taifa Leo will have three (3) new editions – Taifa Leo (National); Taifa Leo Shuleni; and Taifa Leo Pwani to cater to the wide needs of our various audiences.
  1. Taifa Leo has introduced new powerful transformative magazines – Elimu Msingi(Monday), Afya ya Jamii (Tuesday), Akili Mali (Wednesday),Lugha na Fasihi (Thursday), Bambika (Friday), Dimba (Saturday), Jamvi la siasa na Pambo (Sunday)
  2. We also introduced other features- Michezo, elimu, sayansi, Sanaa, kilimo, dini, Afya, Talanta, teknolojia, mapambo/urembo’, siasa na lugha