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Tanzanian singer Mbosso clarifies his ‘beef’ with Otile Brown

Tanzanian musical sensation, Mbosso, has opened up on his relationship with Kenyan singer Otile Brown, dispelling rumors of any ongoing animosity.

In a candid interview with Wasafi FM, Mbosso clarified that he does not hold any grudges against fellow artists, asserting that he prefers to maintain amicable relationships within the industry.

“Mimi sinaga noma na msanii yoyote, yaani mm ni msanii ambaye ukilazimisha uwe na noma na mimi ntakukwepa tu,” Mbosso stated.

He went on to reveal that their interactions have been somewhat limited and primarily revolved around the possibility of a collaboration, which unfortunately never materialized.

“Sio mara moja, kuna kipinidi alisema tumemuibia wimbo naonaga vitu vingi, hatujai kuwa washikaji sana ila nakumbuka aliwai kunicheki kwa ajili ya collabo miaka kadhaa nyuma,” he explained during the interview on Wasafi FM.

Mbosso emphasized the importance of following proper procedures when initiating collaborations, underlining his commitment to adhering to the protocols established by his management team.

“Alinicheki lakini nilimpa utaratibu wa kufuata nafikiri alishindwa kufuatilia utaratibu wa viongi, mimi ni msanii nipo kwenye management kwa hivyo unapotaka tufanye kazi inabidi ufuatilie processes,” Mbosso pointed out.

(“He reached out to me, but I gave him a procedure to follow, I think he failed to follow the procedures. I’m an artist under management, so when you want us to work together, you have to follow the processes.”)

This revelation comes in the wake of a recent jab taken by Otile Brown in September 2023.

Otile Brown had indirectly targeted Tanzanian superstar Diamond Platnumz and his protege Mbosso after the two artists showcased their newly acquired custom-made jewelry on social media.

In a social media post, Otile Brown suggested that the two Bongo artists might have purchased fake jewelry, saying: “With love punguzeni mabati kwenye shingo or you keep quiet, mnachokesha. Hao ni watu gani mnannunua chain kwao.”

He also listed a number of stores that sell certified chains, proposing that the two artists shop there, saying:

“Mbona tusinunue huko na sisi najua uwezo mnao.”

Brown called on his fellow artists to stop flaunting extravagant displays, as it may mislead the youth into thinking success comes easy.

“Got youngings thinking this life is easy and now nobody wants to put in the work. It’s not bad rocking fake, they say, fake it till you make it,” he commented.

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