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The challenges of employing a nanny in the modern world

Balancing a career and managing household duties along with childcare often leads many women to employ nannies.

While many working women depend on house helps so as to manage their professional needs effectively, some domestic assistants come with extra baggage.

Vivian Awuor, a Nairobi resident, shares her story with Nairobi News.

“My house manager was very amazing when she came to Nairobi, she was a refferal from my village, and was initially very hard working and reliable until she started befriending the estate security guard.”

“Suddenly her attitude changed. She rarely stayed at home, and my children were so neglected when I tried talking to her she got offended and left while I was still at work, my effort to reach her became futile, I was so desperate because she left without any notice,” Awuor told Nairobi News.

On several occasions, many career women have been disappointed in one way or the other by their nannies.

Some neglect their duties while others mistreat the children of his or her employer in the name of revenge.

Instances of mistreatment of employers’ children or even cases where nannies run away with their employees children have caused significant distress among women attempting to balance housekeeping, childcare, and their careers.

One noteworthy incident occurred on August 2, 2023, when authorities caught Agnes Atieno Anyango attempting to flee to Tanzania after reportedly stealing her employer’s one-year-old baby.

Incidents of child trafficking have been rife between Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Another alarming case involved a senior official at the Kilifi county government who was reportedly the chief county officer of Kilifi County, who was tragically killed by her own house help.

With such unsettling incidents becoming more frequent, numerous career women find themselves concerned about what challenges the future may hold.

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