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Three officers accused of dragging woman from moving motorbike arrested

Three police officers accused of tying a woman to a motorbike and dragging her on a dirt road using a motorbike have been arrested.

The three, who include the Deputy Officer Commanding Olenguruone Police Station in Nakuru county, are linked to the brutal assault on Mercy Cherono in Kuresoi South.


The video of the harrowing incident went viral on social media with the 21-year-old woman later recounting her ordeal.

In the video clip, Ms Cherono is heard pleading for her life as she is dragged around by a moving motorbike.

One of the men can be heard cheering while another one repeatedly whips the woman on her exposed back.

Speaking to local media on Wednesday, Rift Valley Regional Police Commander Marcus Ochola condemned the incident and ordered a probe into the conduct of the officers.

It is still unclear why the woman was subjected to such violent actions, but according to Cherono, the officer accused her of stealing a gas cylinder, a TV set and clothes.

The video caused uproar after it was shared on social media members of the public demanding justice.


The arrests comes a day after the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) also said they had launched investigations into the incident.

IPOA chairperson Ann Makori said the agency learnt of the incident on Wednesday morning and opened investigations with a view of establishing allegations of assault, injury and any other misconduct by the police officers.

“This morning (IPOA) learnt of an incident in which members of the National Police Service allegedly tied a woman to a motorcycle, drove the bike while dragging and whipping the woman,” Makori said.

“Consequently, IPOA on its own motion this afternoon launched investigations into the allegations of assault, injury and any other misconduct against the police officers,” she said.

Mercy Cherono, 21, is currently nursing her injuries at the Olenguruone Hospital in Kuresoi South.