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‘Twendi Twendi’ singer appeals for financial help

Justina Syokau, the gospel musician who rose to the limelight with the Twendi Twendi song, is now appealing for help, saying she has fallen on tough hard times.

The singer was a trending subject on social media after Kenyans cast aspersions on her “bad omen” lyrical prophecy in the song.

She now says she is broke and can barely make ends meet.

She adds that her life took a turn for the worst after falling ill in January 2021.

Syokau further explains that she developed rashes which she initially thought were an allergic reaction and went to the hospital where she was diagnosed with dermatophytes.

“After a week, the rashes had spread all over my body, and they were itchy. I stopped taking meat, eggs and started detoxing. In the second week, the rashes started forming black spots, and I went to the hospital where I was diagnosed with dermatophytes,” she said.

The prescribed drugs did not work forcing her to seek medical attention from another hospital where she was diagnosed with eczema. Unfortunately, her body did not respond to treatment.

As a Christian, the singer explained that she did not give up and instead went to another hospital where she was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis.

“People started saying that I had been bewitched and advised me to apply pig oil on the affected area. Being a Christian, I did not take that route and instead went to the third hospital and was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis,” she added.

According to the singer, that medication from the two misdiagnoses severely affected her liver, leaving her hospitalized for a week.

The singer added that the cost of medication was too much to the point that she was forced to sell her household items and clothing.

“I was broke, and I told my house help to sell my household items so we can raise funds. I sold my clothes and shoes to offset the hospital bill,” she said.

The single mother of one broke the internet last year with her song where she declares a prosperous 2020, a promise her thousands of fans danced to until Covid-19 struck.

Kenyans said that she was responsible for “provoking the devil” to strike. However, the artiste maintains 2020 was a good year, one in which she has greatly progressed, and urged her followers to hold onto their faith.