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Here are the ‘dirty tricks’ Uhuru wants Kenya to use to reject imported Chinese fish

President Uhuru Kenyatta now wants government to employ underhand tactics to keep away imported Chinese fish from the Kenyan market.

Speaking on Tuesday during the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Presidential Roundtable at Strathmore University, Nairobi, President Kenyatta empathized with Kenyan fishermen who have complained of incurring heavy losses due to the increase of imported fish from China.

In his argument, the president urged concerned government officials to ‘think outside the box’ and come up with tactics that would help stop the importation of fish from China so that the local fisherman can earn a better living.

“Jameni, tunatoa samaki kutoka China… hata kama Finance Bill imepita, think out of the box, tunaweza kusema hiyo samaki ambayo imefika ni mbaya na unaifungia. Kuna njia nyingi serekali inaweza kufanya kazi. Ndio tuhakikishe watu yetu wamefaidika jameni,” said the president.

In January this year Industrialisation and Enterprise Development CS Adan Mohamed defended fish imports from China, saying the country only imports to fill the gap in supply.

He argued that fish from China has been flooding the Kenyan market because the country does not produce enough to satisfy demand.