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Why university graduates, Muslims are paying bigger bribes

A university graduate is more likely to give out a bigger bribe compared to a person with no formal education.

This is according to a new survey by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption commission that showed that degree holders on average parted with Sh11,222 as bribes.

Second in the order were those who have attained college level who paid a bribe of Sh8,714 on average while those who have attained secondary school level paid ut an average of Sh5,122.

Those who have attained post graduate and primary schools paid an average of Sh3,694 and Sh2,636 respectively.

The survey showed that those with informal education parted with an average of Sh 2,430 as bribes.


The EACC survey also said that Muslims parted with bigger bribes than those in other religions.

It says that Muslims dished out an average of Sh8,821 as bribes; Christians were second with Sh4,777 and Hindus dished out an average of Sh1,451.

In gender divide, women were top as they dished an average of Sh5,579 while men parted with Sh4,718.

On Marital status, married people paid an average of Sh5,538 compared to singles who dished out Sh3,044.

Widowed parted with an average of Sh 1,968 while the separated parted away with Sh2,903.

The survey was released on Monday by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where it said that more people were dishing out bribes making the fight against graft hard.