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Weasel releases tribute track to departed Mowzey Radio – VIDEO

Ugandan artiste Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has returned to the studio and penned an emotional tribute to his departed friend and colleague Moses Ssekibogo aka Mowzey Radio.

In the four minute track titled Toyitaba (Unresponsive) Weasel regrets Radio’s untimely death.

“Don’t blame me when I chose to enjoy life because one day I or you will not be responsive (dead),” goes part of the song’s lyrics.

Weasel, who is the younger sibling of famed artiste Jose Chameleone, also poses the rhetorical question “Why me?” in the song.

Here are some of the translated lyrics from this song which Weasel sings both in his native Luganda and Kiswahili.


Don’t blame me when I eat my money

Don’t blame me when I enjoy life because… one day I or u will not be responsive (dead).

God protect Radio’s family, their fans,  if I am one to fight, I will fight, even if the enemies are many I will still fight…

Death, death…

God brought death upon us, leaving our loved ones to disappear like air

Why me?

Radio died on February 1, 2018 at Case Hospital in Kampala where he was undergoing treatment for injuries sustained in a pub brawl.