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Why every working class woman should go out with a ‘Subaru boy’ at some point

Males who drive a Subaru are sometimes referred to as Subaru boys for their characteristics that sometimes present as those of young boys.

Stereotypically, they are known to never accept being overtaken on roads and would sometimes prefer to race other motorists on the roads to prove their cars have more powerful engines. And sometimes, these imaginary races make no sense to other motorists who sometimes complain about these ‘boys’ driving behaviors.

Some Subaru boys come across as sanguine- people with personalities that are outgoing, spontaneous, sociable, daring, and cheerful. They always have a reason to be in their cars and this is why working-class women should, at one point in their lives, date a Subaru boy. Here me out, this is what I mean:

  1. Subaru owners have these exclusive social groups where they get together based on ownership or car model; and get together to try out new activities together such as exploration road trips, camping, charity work or simply partying. If you are a working-class woman who is always in the office five days a week from 9-5 and spend weekends doing laundry and Sunday resets, wouldn’t it be fun to catch a fun break especially if it is in the company of a spontaneous Subaru owner?
  2. Subaru drivers- in their exclusive communities- have friends from all walks of life. Instead of castigating yourself for failing to maintain friendships at your age because of work and life commitments, wouldn’t it be great to amass a network of acquaintances who will become friends and eventually family? I mean, a Subaru driver would literally serve you people for friends on a platter!
  3. You will tour Kenya… and often, on their dime because if they could, Subaru boys would live in their cars just to get moving and wandering spirit content. They don’t like going on these trips alone. They would rather call up someone they last spoke to five months ago if they don’t have an immediately available friend.

However, there is always an however. If you are going to date a Subaru boy, do it once. Marry one once. However sociable, outgoing, and cheerful about the life they are, there are some downfalls to be experienced when spending time with someone on the go. Your relationship might take a few hits because he is always spending time doing something on the road rather than spending a little bit more time with you. He is exposed to too many people and this is a recipe for disaster for monogamous relationships.

The biggest one of them all is that they literally hold your heart in their hands. The amount of time they spend on the road with so many unknown troubles lurking, you don’t know if they will return to you in one piece- their thrill for speed is cause for anxiety and heartache. Hence, date them only once and find a nice, young Nissan Note or Toyota Allion driver to settle down with.

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