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Zari Hassan’s guests were asked to come in all-white for wedding ceremony

Famed Ugandan socialite and businesswoman Zari Hassan has already tied the knot in her white wedding on Tuesday, October 3, at a secret venue.

Zari married her Ugandan bae, Shakib Lutaaya.

Shakib wore a grey suit and white shirt, while Zari wore a flowing white gown.

However, the wedding theme had hints of gold, with some guests dressed in gold-colored outfits while the rest were in all-white.

As per an unverified wedding photo circulating on Instagram, Zari was rumoured to have opted for a gold-colored outfit, golden gown, necklace, and crown.

Some couples may choose to wear gold colors instead of white for various reasons, and their choice often reflects their personal preferences and cultural influences.

It’s important to note that wedding attire choices can vary widely based on individual preferences, cultural backgrounds, and regional customs.

Couples should select attire that feels meaningful and representative of their love and commitment to each other, whether it’s gold, white, or any other color that holds significance for them.

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Here are some reasons why some couples opt for gold attire:

  1. Cultural Significance: In many cultures, gold is a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and good fortune. Couples from these cultures may choose gold attire for their wedding to invoke blessings for a prosperous and successful marriage.
  2. Traditional Attire: Gold is often a traditional color for wedding attire in certain regions and communities. Wearing gold on their wedding day can be a way for couples to honor and uphold their cultural traditions.
  3. Unique Style: Some couples prefer to stand out and make a bold fashion statement on their wedding day. Gold attire can be a unique and eye-catching choice, differentiating them from the more common white or ivory wedding gowns and suits.
  4. Personal Preference: Ultimately, the choice of wedding attire is a highly personal decision. Some couples simply prefer the aesthetic and symbolism of gold over white. It may also complement their skin tone and overall wedding theme better.
  5. Symbolism: Gold is often associated with eternity and timelessness, which are qualities many couples wish to convey in their marriage. Choosing gold attire can symbolize the enduring nature of their commitment.
  6. Fusion Weddings: In multicultural or fusion weddings, couples may incorporate elements from both their backgrounds. This can include wearing gold attire as a way to blend traditions and create a unique wedding experience.
  7. Religious Significance: In some religions, gold holds religious significance and may be incorporated into wedding attire to align with the couple’s faith and beliefs.
  8. Celebrity and Fashion Trends: Influences from celebrities and fashion trends can also play a role in couples’ choices. If a popular celebrity or a particular fashion trend showcases gold wedding attire, it may inspire couples to follow suit.

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Zari Hassan and Shakib Lutaaya’s wedding photos. PHOTO| COURTESY

UPDATE: However, in the wedding footage seen by Nairobi News, Zari, and her guest were all dressed in white, with some opting for gold-colored outfits.

The wedding was filmed for the new season of the Netflix reality show Young, Famous and African.