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Wife attempts to save butt-clutching husband from cyber bullying

December 18th, 2015 1 min read


A Nairobi woman has taken to Facebook to save her husband from cyber bullying after photos of him placing his hand on the back side of a bride during a photo-shoot emerged.

The photo of groomsmen posing with the bride and groom has been the subject of online ridicule for days now, prompting the wife of the best man to speak out stating that no one in the family had issues with his action.

Memes had been generated around the photo with online users branding the man, whose identity Nairobi News will not reveal, a “Certified Team Mafisi Member”.


The best man’s wife on Thursday afternoon penned an emotional post on her Facebook account, which she has since deactivated, explaining how the groom is her brother and had no issue with the pose.

“If I may put it sooo eloquently for people to understand & get it, the best man is my hubby and I have no issue whatsoever. Since we already hired a professional photographer who was giving directions and doing the photo-shoot why don’t you shut the *** up and grow a **** brain,” she wrote.

When Nairobi News tracked down the account of the best man, he had uploaded photos of himself with his wife appearing all happy and in love.

On Friday morning, he added privacy settings to all his photos leaving updates on how every stressful situation does not require a response.