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Woman seriously injured after husband bludgeons her with sledgehammer

A 24-year-old woman from Embakasi in Nairobi is nursing serious head injuries at Kenyatta National Hospital after she was brutally attacked by her husband with a sledgehammer on Monday.

George Mutuku is said to have tried to strangle Lilian Nthambi before he used the sledgehammer to bludgeon her.

All this was happening in the presence of their 6-year-old son who narrated the whole incident to his grandmother and the neighbours.

“I just had a knock on my door and when I opened I saw my grandson with four gentleman. They told me I needed to accompany them to hospital because my daughter was there having been beaten by her husband,” said Cecilia Judah.


The victim’s mother says she had spent the afternoon with her daughter and left while she was okay.

She also claims that the couple have had a troubled marriage and that this is not the first time her son-in-law has assaulted her daughter.

“The man has been violent in their almost seven years of marriage but this is the first time he has beaten her to the extent of her being admitted,” she added.


After the attack, Lilian was rushed to Bliss Medical Centre in Embakasi where she received first aid before she was transferred to KNH.

According to a medical report from Bliss Medical Centre seen by Nairobi News, the patient sustained open head injuries, open swollen wounds on the cheeks, bruises on her hands and blood was oozing from the wounds.

The matter has been reported at Embakasi Police Station but the suspect is on the run.

The family is currently at KNH waiting for CT-Scan results.