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Woman sues firm that conned sex lovers with fake orgies

By Joseph Ndunda February 27th, 2020 2 min read

A woman has sued a financial services company that allegedly swindled dozens of sex lovers an unknown amount of cash promising sex parties in Thika, in May last year for using her as the contact person in the fraud.

Clara Wanjiku has sued Flutterwave Payment Technologies Limited -her former employer- following psychologically torture by victims defrauded after they paid for non-existent sex parties.

Some of them who paid Sh 1, 500 each to the company through a pay bill account provided in the advertising poster have been calling Wanjiku demanding a refund.

The advertised parties were scheduled for May 4 and 31 2019 all starting from 10pm at an undisclosed house in Makongeni Estate. None of them happened.

In a poster that went viral on social media on April 30, the company had promised free bhang and beer, as well as various sex activities including raw and protected sex during the orgies on May 4 and 31, 2019.

Wanjiku left the company in October 2018 after resigning a month earlier but the firm retained her as a contact person for the aggregate pay bill account despite her telling them to update the same with her successor.

Expansion manager

She had worked with the company as expansion manager for a year. The pay bill account had been to facilitate payments for their services.

And she has sued the company for nuisance after through lawyer Angela Mwandumbo after receiving calls from 20 people duped and defrauded by the company, which caused her to be summoned by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations’ Thika offices to record a statement over the issue.

“In April 2019 while working in Ghana, she was contacted by her family who informed her that officers from the DCI’s Thika offices were looking for her as a person of interest regarding nefarious, immoral and reprehensible activities carried out in connection with Paybill number where she was the contact person,” Mwandumbo states in suit papers.

“The [defendant] company was negligent in failure to remove her as the contact person for their pay bill contact person which caused her to be perceived as a person of interests in regards to the investigations surrounding the alleged sex party thereby causing her severe emotional distress and psychological anguish.”

Would-be attendees were required to pay for a ticket of entry after which bhang and liquor would be free.

But Thika DCI boss Hussein Bakari Wednesday said the parties never took place and none of those who had paid reported to police.

“We were doing our investigations because the activities were immoral but not because there was any complaint,” Bakari clarified.