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City mums have this to say to their baby daddies

By MWENDE KASUJJA November 20th, 2017 2 min read

A Nairobi woman  asked women to share messages to their baby daddies on a Facebook group. The response was varied, ranging from the bitter, to the funny to the appreciative.

The mum posted over the weekend; “Mention your baby daddy and say something about him. ‘Jose i love you so much for taking care of our baby gal despite us being separate.’ Let’s go on moms.”

Here are some of the responses and messages to baby daddies shared on the group.

“Richy…karma alikutembelea maishani mwako least I expected, ni wewe unaniombanga mia ya kwenda tao…and you used to exchange cars like your inner wares…I told u God never gal is 3 yrs now and we are doing fiiiiine!” wrote one woman.

“Tony, we separated but you have been a great dad to our children. I pray to God to grant you a long life full of happiness,” wrote another.

“Dan, may women always wet your bed when they come to sleep with you. May you struggle for as long as I’m struggling. May any one that promise to help you pull out at last. May you never find the kind of patience I had with you. Peace will never come near your home. Until you man up,” wrote another woman.


“I still remember you Eddy … Memories are still fresh. Thanks for taking care of our daughter and loving her despite us being separated,” wrote another.

“Your girl is now 18…pretty…brilliant and proud…she gives me every reason to work hard. As for you may karma continue to deal with as you keep marrying without getting a baby…my God win…Hope u wrote in hell James

“My baby daddy Willy, you are the best. I respect you and cherish you. Thank you for holding my hand when I lost mum and for our lovely son. I love you n wish u well my best friend,” stated another.

“It’s almost 3 yrs down the line… It’s not been easy especially being al alone with my princes but I really thank God for provision… Boy I wish you nothing but the best in your life! You cost me so much pain but I had to forgive you and let it go…No hard feelings I forgive you totally,” another wrote.

“Peter, I choose to do your responsibility. 8 yrs now..just like Hagar in the Bible God has created an oasis the desert… ahsante kwa genes…The one that makes me laugh the most is when he reads the newspapers page by page????Team alliance and starehe…we are now heading to class four… I also forgot to tell you that I’m getting married this ?…baraka,” wrote another.

“Jeff, I love you to the moon and back for standing with us through thick and thin am always thankful. Tamina and I will always love you,” stated another mum.

“Franco, I wish nikupate nikuweke kisu moja ya tako yenye hutai kupona,” wrote another.

“Marcus, if only you could see the fine young men and beautiful daughter you rejected, you will never know peace, five years down the line and we going stronger by the day,” another mum wrote.